The Farm

William Saunders’ backyard, planted circa 1889 with additions since.
  • The Campus area of the Farm has become a second home to me in the last ten months. I’m speaking of the area East of Maple Drive between the William Saunders Building (Building 49) on the South and the Dominion Observatory on the North and, additionally, East of Birch Drive from The Nutrition Building (Building 59) to the South and North to the old Sir John Carling parking lot above Carling Ave. It is bounded on the East by the escarpment at Queen Juliana Park and Prince of Wales Drive.
  • This area was laid out in the initial land clearing of 1888? by  the construction of Birch, Maple & Farm? Drives. Their beds were constructed from the stones taken from the new fields.

To be continued – coming soon!